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The American Association of Nurse Attorneys

The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) is a non-profit organization made up of attorneys, students, and others interested in legal issues as they relate to the health care industry.

TAANA provides resources, education, and leadership to its members and the health care and legal communities regarding health law and policy.


Nurses Service Organization (NSO)

TAANA is pleased to announce the release of the healthcare industry resource entitled Understanding Nurse Liability, 2006-2010: A Three-part Approach. Click here to view this information.

TAANA's 25th Anniversary Slideshow

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TAANA takes positions on health care legal issues in the form of position papers and amicus briefs. TAANA's positions have been cited in court documents and scholarly publications and are available below. The organization does not offer opinions on religious or political issues, nor does it endorse specific candidates for elected office.

TAANA Position Papers

TAANA / AALNC Joint Position Papers

TAANA's Amicus Brief Supporting a Nurse's Non-Negotiable Duty to Advocate

Additional Resources


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