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The American Association
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Inclusive History - Untold Stories of Women of Color in Nursing; Part 1

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Nurses Week is scheduled to correspond with the birth of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) and we do this to honor her work in professionalizing and modernizing nursing. Her contribution to our profession is considerable; and it is right that we pay respect to her. But it is equally right that we put Nurse Nightingale in context so nurse’s week can celebrate all nurses, and not just the upper and middle class white women on which most nursing history focuses. This presentation will honor just a handful of women of color who accomplished remarkable things during Florence Nightingale’s lifetime. Learner Objectives Explain how the professionalism of nursing effected women of color. Describe color restrictions in health care. List actions nurses of color took to overcome barriers. Presenter Edith A. Brous, BSN, MS, MPH, JD, RN; Law Offices of Edith Brous, Esq. PC; East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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