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The American Association
of Nurse Attorneys

TAANA Chapters

TAANA is in the midst of a massive project to update our Chapters. We anticipate the project will be completed by the end of 2020, please check back for updates!

Forming a Chapter

Please contact the TAANA Executive Office for information about starting a chapter or becoming a liaison.

Chapter President's Handbook

TAANA has chapters throughout the country, including chartered chapters, interim chapters, and those that are still in the developing stages. The boundaries of a chapter can be a metropolitan area, a state, or even a particular region.

Forming a TAANA chapter is a relatively simple process. For more information, view the Chapter President's Handbook linked below.

Download the TAANA Chapter President's Handbook (PDF) - click here!

Chapter Presidents' Council

The TAANA Presidents' Council was formed to provide a network for local chapters throughout the country and to enhance communications between the local chapters and TAANA. Members of the Council include all local chapter presidents, including chartered chapters and developing chapters. The Council meets three times a year and engages in projects to assist local chapters in their development. The Council's activities are coordinated by a Chairperson, who is appointed at the annual Presidents' Council meeting.

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