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The American Association
of Nurse Attorneys

Call for Abstracts

Submit your abstract using the online form

Podium Submission Deadline - May 14
Poster Submission Deadline - August 16


The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (TAANA) provides resources, education and leadership to its members and the healthcare and legal communities. TAANA serves as a resource for the healthcare and legal communities and functions to promote and enhance the Nurse Attorney profession by providing educational opportunities and collaboration among Attorneys, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals including Risk Managers, Legal Nurse Consultants and students preparing to enter these professions.

This is the premiere conference for Nurse Attorneys, bringing together national experts in legal practice, nursing practice, administration, and higher education to share common issues, case analysis, best practices, networking, challenges, and referrals. This conference will provide legal and health professionals an opportunity to share information regarding health law and policy in legal issues as they relate to the health care industry.

How to Submit

Submit your abstract using the online form

Potential topics for abstracts may include:

General Interest

  • Global and regional disaster preparedness (rights/liabilities of employers, family law issues)
  • Emerging issues in Telehealth and nursing
  • Public health law - mandatory provider vaccination, quarantine, and,
    care of infectious clients
  • Professionalism and nursing ethics
  • Higher education, research and health law
  • Social media, electronic health records, and PSAs
  • Role delineation: faculty, preceptors & students

Health Care Organizations

  • Contract, labor and employment law
  • Patient safety and risk management
  • Legal issues in acute and long-term care, behavioral health, and ambulatory care
  • Implications of health system mergers and consolidations
  • Regulatory compliance in health care
  • Emerging legislation and enforcement

Advanced Practice Nursing (APN)

  • Delineation of APNs: practitioners, midwives, anesthetists and leaders
  • Setting up a solo or interprofessional business
  • Contractual agreements between entities
  • Legal liability and strategies for success
  • Professional networking and use of electronic technology

Solo Law Practice & Nursing Licensure Defense

  • Starting, marketing, operating, and growing a solo law practice
  • Nursing malpractice - plaintiff & defense perspectives
  • Civil torts, property, and contract issues arising in nursing education,
    research and clinical practice
  • Professional licensure actions against nurses
  • Nexus between clinical practice, licensure and criminal law

Presentation Types

Podium Presentations

Podium presentations will be 60 in length and should comply with the submission themes suggested above.

Poster Presentations

Poster presentations will be recorded in advance of the conference and made available to all attendees for viewing.


A committee will review proposals for podium and poster presentations based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of description of the content and presentation methods
  • Importance, depth, focus, level of audience interest
  • Feasibility of application to a variety of settings
  • Presenter’s professional background and speaking experience

What to Submit

Please read all of the information in this document and follow the requirements carefully. Proposals that do not comply with these instructions may be rejected. All material must be submitted together. Partial submissions will not be accepted.

  • Presentation Title: Limit 25 words.
  • Presentation Type: 60 minute podium presentation or poster presentation.
  • Method of Teaching: Lecture, Panel Discussion, Q & A Session.
  • Level of Intended Audience: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced.
  • Presentation Abstract: A summary overview of your submission (300 words max).
  • Presentation/Learner Objectives: What the learner will be able to do at the conclusion of the presentation. An average of 1-3 objectives per hour is realistic.
  • Presenter Information: Name, credentials, preferred mailing address, daytime telephone number, email address, biography (250 words max) as you would like it to appear in the program for each presenter in your submission.
  • CV/Resume: Please be prepared to upload a CV/Resume for each presenter in your proposal.

How to Submit

Submit your proposal using the online form

Podium Submission Deadline - May 14
Poster Submission Deadline - July 16

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